Tech Innovation/Application


I have long been frustrated by the inattention to ergonomics at reading stations.  The improvements available mainly involve monitor placement and table height.  I would say Carl’s Table from Anthro is probably one of the best advances for the radiologist.

The typical radiologist spends 8-10 hours a day in one position focused on interpretation.  This is the most efficient use of the physician.  Yet there has been frighteningly little attention paid to the peripherals to assist the radiologist in focusing on the data and reporting it.

Although I am not a gamer, I looked to gamers and coders as the example.  They spend an equal time daily performing highly focused tasks and had the insight to develop hardware to give them both the competitive and ergonomic edge.

belkinn52My first experience was in using the Nostromo N52.  I still own it, although it now mainly of historical interest.  It allowed basic functionality with the left hand while mousing with the right.  The efficiency increases were modest but it did put a certain element of control over the dataset into the hands of the radiologist.  The programming and interface were clunky and it was not a deployable solution but it was thought provoking and served as a gateway for later applications.


I was the first person at Greensboro Radiology to apply headsets to voice recognition.  This allowed better voice recognition and ergonomic improvements.  I’ve been through a gamut of h

eadsets, but so far the Plantronics line remains my favorite.  I still regularly use CS50 headsets that have taken a beating.



  • Fidelity is key
  • Comfort
  • Untethering from desk position



  • Higher fidelity with wired headsets
  • Comfort
  • Tethered to desk
  • Cord damage from rolling chairs and entrapment


This is an unique device created for editing music and video. When applied to radiology workstations, it gives enhanced control of images and decrease mouse hand chronic stress injuries.


  • Logitech G700 (No longer available)
  • Logitech G700S
  • Logitech Revolution MX