My wife wanted to do a half marathon and I decided to go along for the ride.  Within 2 weeks after signing up, she tore her meniscus (medial meniscus posterior horn root avulsion to be exact).  While she could not do the half, I did.  It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t really fun either.

After having that under my belt and really enjoying the Outer Banks, I decided to see if I could do a full marathon.  That would be the deciding factor in whether I could do an IronMan distance event in the future.

I used the Run Less Run Faster training guide from Runner’s World and Furman University.

It was not easy.  I kind of petered out around mile 20 and my pace dropped for the last 6 miles.  Each footfall became agony with more than a little delirium the last 2 miles.  But I did it, and shaved off my hideous goatee which I had been growing for entire year that I had been training.


After 2015, I figured I would do it again.  I had developed a horrible iliopsoas bursitis in my right hip and needed about 10 weeks off to recover.  I got fat because I failed to adjust my caloric intake to my inactivity.  I committed to MyFitnessPal and carefully monitored my calories, radically changed my diet, and recovered fully from my injury.


Things went a lot better this year.  I had recurrent iliopsoas bursitis in the right hip but it only started a few weeks before the race, as opposed to 2 months the previous year.  I wasn’t constantly limping and my endurance had improved where I felt comfortable taking more time off to recover.  I had also dropped 12 pounds since the year before as a result of diet which definitely made a difference later in the race.

2016 had beautiful weather again, almost perfect temperature, and the same course, so I knew what to expect.  I did pretty well.  I changed a few things, including feeding more aggressively with gels and over the race I consumed about 40 capsules of BCAA’s.  I also popped 100 mg of caffeine twice in the last 7 miles.  I think this put me in a mild compensated SVT.  Nothing like a physiological stress test!

Substantial improvement from 2015!  It was hard, but not nearly as much so as the prior year.  Additionally, it was only about 13 minutes off BQ time.  I am really pleased.  To add another year of age but drop time is a big deal to me.