Primary Bone Tumor

I have heard that if you see one primary bone tumor in your career, then you’re done. That is a myth. Maybe it’s because I do MSK or more likely, that’s just plain wrong.

Anyway, a great case demonstrating classic features of an unfriendly neoplasm.  I’m not saying it isn’t a met or lymphoma but I’d bet Ewing’s sarcoma or chondrosarcoma over osteosarcoma (although I really like it for chondrosarcoma).

My beef with chondrosarcoma is that it’s not “ring and arc”-y enough compared to others but it’s definitely in the considerations.

The fine reticular calcification in the soft tissue mass rather than bone forming periosteal reaction tips the scales for me.  That said, there is substantial overlap in the imaging appearances of sarcomas and it primarily depends on the ability to mount a reparative response to the destruction.

Reappearing Gallbladder

Unfortunately, this is an all too common complication of cholecystectomy. This case is unusually unfortunate because the abscess tracks all the way through the porta hepatis and appears to tunnel through the wall of the adjacent 2nd part of the duodenum. Not wanting to feel left out, the laparoscopic port sites in the anterior abdominal wall also developed abscesses (right upper quadrant and periumbilical). Incidental calcified aneurysm of one of the small mesenteric vessels can be seen anterior to the aorta.

This just goes to prove that a minor procedure is when it happens to someone else.

Digital kit cat clock update: OLED


I really love the Nokia 5100 display but wanted to try different varieties.  This is an SSD1306 0.96″ OLED display.  Resolution is 128 x 64 so significantly larger than the pixel size of the Nokia.


The contrast on the OLED is striking, so much so that it is difficult to photograph.  There will probably be more changes to the formatting and layout but the underlying code is the same as previous iterations of the clock with OTA updates, NTP sync, and WiFi Manager.

ESP8266 Clock update #2

tmp_24178-IMG_20170509_121818-1718071133.jpgCode here

I have no idea how to properly use github but I wanted to branch this as I toyed with it and tested stability.

This update adds DST correction with a “DST” indicator in the bottom right corner.  I’m not entirely happy with the code implementation.  It felt clunky as I wrote it.  I am happy with the aesthetics of the display though. Running out of room on the display to keep it clean.

Some possible improvements:

  • Add an interval timer to update DST instead of every screen draw, say once a day at 2am?
  • Add EEPROM storage for DST.  This is a little more complicated on the ESP8266 than it is for arduino.
  • Add hardware button time zone selection and display for TZ so the end user can select TZ.

Digital kit cat clock: ESP8266 – NTP – Nokia 5110 – WiFi Manager

This has been an ongoing project.  It uses the underlying NTP clock skinned with a old classic favorite.  We love the kit cat clock, but they arent durable so why not create a modern update?

This was an experiment to put it in portrait mode.  I don’t  like the look and I’d have to expand the cat’s body a lot to make the time readable so I think I’m going to abandon the approach.

I’m happier with this one in landscape mode.  The numbers are very readable and it only needs a little formatting to improve it.  The person I’m designing it for does not care for the seconds so those will be removed.

Below is the last iteration.   Readable and still cute.

Esp8266 clock update




Updated code with better graphics.  See gallery below for side by side.  The new library is the u8g2 library that has a lot of fonts but is more complicated to use than the standard Adafruit GFX library.



My biggest coding issue was that for the date, I couldn’t get the weekday to display.  I tried a ton of stuff before realizing that font only had numbers….duh!