Jump Injury: Maisonneuve fracture

Reading for the military gives me the opportunity to read cases of jump injuries in paratroopers. I wish I had collected the spectrum of injuries and as my time reading for them comes to a close, I thought it would be reasonable to compile a compendium. The films are frequently negative but spectrum of ankle and foot injuries is probably the most common series. Tibial plateau fractures are uncommon. I have seen pelvic fractures presumably associated with hard landings.

Trying to create a small docker image to scan

I’ve been fooling with this for a few trials now.  Trying to create a small docker image that can offer flexible options to scan from a Brother AIO MFC-J625DW scanner.

The original docker container I started with was


which weighs in at 1 GB…just to scan!  This is mostly because of python and dependencies that are necessary to compile python.

Managed to get it down to with

Debian: stretch-slim     —>   stretchbro  770MB

And even smaller with  minideb from bitnami which is just under 700MB but it is still huge for what it does.  I cannot imagine the installed brother packages are more than a few MB.

The big issue is that brother drivers only exist for RedHat and Debian packages.  If there were an APK it would be perfect for alpine linux.  I’ll continue looking for a way to get this down to a reasonable size, but for now, I think it’s better and a reasonably tenable docker solution.

I think my next attempt will target one of the alpine images with a python implementation of the base git repo but the brother driver remains the problem.