If old people continually fall out of bed and need head CTs, why arent their beds on the floor?

Just saying.


Would there be more falls getting up from the floor or falling from bed.  Would be a good study.


Knee Dislocation

A very uncommon but also very important event.  There is an association with popliteal artery injury, be it dissection or transection/laceration.


  • anterior and posterior dislocations most common
    • in my experience, posterior dislocations much more common, but sample bias is substantial because this is a rare event
  • structural disruption of the knee joint including cruciate ligaments and collateral ligaments, often with associated meniscal tears.
    • on MRI, the knee is usually “trashed”.
    • reports end up being lengthy because of the extent of injury.
  • Fractures common.
  • associated popliteal artery injury estimated at 30%.