Marlboze False Advertising: The perils of AliExpress

I would say that in general I have been VERY happy with my AliExpress purchases, but when they screw you, they have a particular pattern.


A common chinese supplier tactic is to produce a run of items at spec and then once a reputation is established, they replace everything they can possibly replace with the cheapest parts they can find.  This was no exception.


I ordered a couple of sirens to add some additional noise to my exterior alarm system.  I didn’t want to spend much because I had not run the wiring for the extra sirens yet so I figured for $4 a piece, why not.  Worst comes to worse, I use them as bike horns or for dogs or maybe to chase squirrels off the deck (which make my cats go INSANE).

So I tested them as soon as I received them and they worked.  Sounded pretty loud in a closed space.  I didn’t have time to run the wiring until recently and was sorely disappointed with the output.

To be clear, it’s not a wiring problem.  They are both receiving the full 12V.  I’ve posted the youtube video here.

When I complained to the seller, Here is the response I got.  I’m not going to buy a decibel meter to show that I know the claim is false.  I can hold the phone app up to my 100 dB sirens and get an accurate reading.

Here is a transcript of my ali chat telling the seller that I was aware of his false claim and calling bull-poopy on 120 dB (which definitely seemed unrealistic for $4).  I’ve seen this pattern over and over.  Its a lot like Steve Jobs saying you’re not holding it right.





And if you can’t read that, here is the text:

Hello, the way you test is not correct.
What do you connect ?
Plz test it like our pic and it's been half a year
Why don't you contact with us after so long?

Keep in mind, this is not one, but TWO speakers and the output is a meager 81 dB, not the advertised 120 dB.  That is false advertising.  Item not as described.
Why do you come to contact with us just now?
I'm sorry don't need any video
I saw you haev used half a year
Plz send youtube link here
My e-mail:
Whatsapp: +8615873119520       
Skype: sakara17_1       	
Plz write your order number when you send me the video.
Thank you!
17/12/24 23:28
Merry Christmas to you.  I compared it to a known 120 dB speaker.  I will send you a video with a sound level today.
Hello, how do you test?
Plz record a video to me?
Merry Christmas!
17/12/24 11:59
This siren is no where near 120 dB.  False advertising

Gastritis and Duodenitis

Horrendous case of enteric inflammation.  Hard to be sure what the cause is as there are several possibilities.

I really don’t like to waffle, but this is a differential case.  If you have additions, I’d welcome them.   Worst case I’ve seen in a long time and sure hope it isn’t lymphoma.



Axials nicely show the thickening

Long segment enteric inflammation which extends from the antrum of the stomach to beyond the ligament of Treitz. The degree of inflammation is severe and results in either functional or anatomic obstruction of the gastric outlet and nasogastric decompression should be considered given the marked distention of the stomach.

Although the appearance is nonspecific, this is most commonly associated with either inflammatory bowel disease or enteric infection. Although less common, peptic ulcer disease in the differential considerations. Infiltrating neoplasm less likely given the inflammation. Complicating the picture further is median arcuate ligament / celiac compression syndrome with stenosis of the celiac axis. This is considered less likely since this entity is both controversial and is usually a chronic indolent process that gives rise to collateral development.



This is mostly here for the celiac artery findings.

The Uncanny Valley of Home Automation

I just added some more Sonoff Basics to my home system with the Oh-so-awesome Sonoff Tasmota Firmware.  For about 7 bucks, you get a MQTT Home Assistant Connected Wi-Fi Smart Switch.

I have a two modules that are not ready for immediate use.  As I consider the items I want automate, I realize that automation won’t work on several appliances because the appliances are already “too smart”.

My humidifier is too smart for its own good.  It has a sensor right by the output which of course gives it a false reading from the local environment.  This leads to it cycling on and off at about 1 cycle per minute (CPM).  To solve this I thought, “I’ll just put it on a Sonoff to run full at night and cycle at intervals during the day based on the humidity sensors I have.

Doesn’t work.  The controls automatically reset to off when current is removed.

I found the same issues with the fan I use to cool off in my gym, Black and Decker coffee maker logitech Z906 speaker system.

It led me to think that it is much like the phenomenon of the Uncanny Valley.


Similarly, Home automation follows this curve:

desmos-graph (1)

Where the most analog (“dumbest”) of appliances become the most useful.  Smart appliances are already just that, so there isn’t really much to do to enhance them.


Although the graph crossing zero is an artifact, it’s useful to remember that some appliances when automated can inflict harm.






The Oh-so-freqently-missed Posterior Shoulder Dislocation

Frequently missed and this case is no exception but they are often missed on plain film which this was not.  The plain film was the source of diagnosis with review of CT as restrospect.  Missed on CT which is significant error (not by me; in trauma, I explicitly comment on glenohumeral and hip joint location).


Unusual in that the films are pretty good for a trauma.  Reverse Hill Sachs fracture present.