TD Ameritrade backpedals on their “enhanced ETF list”…kinda

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I pulled my entire Roth.  I encourage others to do the same. The best way to vote in a financial market is with your feet or dollars.

Although TD’s boneheaded move instigated it, I’ve been wanting to consolidate my accounts for a while but since there wasn’t really anything wrong with their platform, I didn’t bother.

Now their platform has something wrong with it.  I have to keep my other account with them which is invested in Vanguard funds.  I weighed exchanging their crappy new lineup for my low cost VG ETFs but decided against it.  I’d rather just pay the commission to liquidate if I have to keep my funds there.  There is no cost unless liquidating at this point.

It is true that it would be cleaner to exchange VG funds for their new lineup, in terms of future assets.  Using their new funds with VG funds doubles the holdings, but hey, I’m not planning on doing anything with my triple tax free account for a long time.  I’ll eat the commission when it comes due.

God only knows what new boneheaded plan they’ll have in place when I need to liquidate my HSA holdings.

Dear Valued Client,
Last week, you received an email about the upcoming launch of our new commission-free ETF Market Center. Since then, we’ve learned investors could use more time to evaluate the new fund line-up. So we’re extending the effective date to January 19, 2018, giving you 90 days to review the funds and make any changes.
The restructured commission-free platform triples the number of ETF choices to 296 – the most in the industry – including many that are among the lowest-cost core ETFs available in the market today. We’ve also increased exposure to 77 Morningstar categories, including such strategies as smart beta, actively managed, market sectors and commodities providing more options for you to tailor your portfolio. We appreciate that this is a big change and we want to make sure you have the time and information you need.
Key takeaways
  • We have extended the commission-free transition period for legacy ETFs until January 19, 2018.
  • All new funds are available to trade commission-free today.
  • After January 19, 2018, the 84 legacy funds will still be available at TD Ameritrade at the standard online commission rate. The remaining 16 funds will continue to be a part of the enhanced ETF Market Center.
  • All other previously communicated changes remain in place. Enrollment and short-term redemption fees will be eliminated effective November 20, 2017. Selling legacy ETFs prior to November 20,2017 may incur a short-term redemption fee.


DietPi on a 2GB card with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

UPDATE 20180712

Dietpi no longer lets you remove a swapfile since the introduction of the Storage Manager.

The workaround is to disable the swapfile completely in the dietpi.txt before first boot.

I’m sure there is another way to do it documented in the forums, but I found this easier.




I love DietPi.  My first SBC was a painful start which is saying a lot after coming from SoC.  I could not get Armbian running stable on the OrangePi Zero which was my first foray.

In retrospect, I should have bought the widely adopted RaspberryPi 3 but I was going for cheap, because I really didn’t know if HomeAssistant was going to be a workable system.  I figured that if I failed, I would just turn the board into a sensor node or a VPN server.

Well, the OP-0 has been working great.  I had cut my teeth on the OP and moved to RPi from Arrow (nice discount online).

I took a crack at my favorite lightweight OS for SBC, DietPi.  I found the stretch lite would do the job, but it was painful to configure EVERYTHING from scratch.  DietPi does the majority for you.


I did have hiccups getting it to connect to wifi.  At first I needed an external adapter to trigger WPA_supplicant and feed a password.  I was getting an error that said my PSK phrase was invalid.  The second install, I switched to my guest network and back and it connected no problem.  Weird.

Small SD Card Size

The next issue was the size of the SD card.  OrangePi Zero comes with only 256 or 512 MB of ram so it’s swap was accordingly small.   With the RPi’s more generous 1 GB of RAM, the swapfile that is automatically generated is equal in size.  There is an assumption on the part of the really awesome creators that you wouldn’t actually use a card so small.  It’s understandable and applies to the vast majority of users.

The solution is to go into the dietpi-config and under advanced change the swap file size.  I had to hunt around for it but found it and resized to 1/3 or 333 MB.  That should work for my experimental purposes.

The solution is outlined here.  


So I went from 48 MB usable space to

df -h

—> 800 MB free.  Yay.







Backing up an Asus RT-AC68U or Asus RT‑N66U “Dark Knight” Router

Some really phenomenal scripts have been made that would have definitely saved me some time and a lot of frustration migrating and restoring routers in the past.

most of what you need to know is in this thread.

The script can be run from USB and it will store the files in the directory from which it is run.

The basics are as follows:

  1. save the dowloaded scripts and unzip them to a directory
  2. move the directory to USB-I formatted the USB file system as FAT since that is widely usable.
  3. stick the USB in the router
  4. navigate to the directory where you put the script.
  5. cd nvram-save-r26.2
  6. and Run the command below to start it in backup mode.
  7. ./

There are other modes like migrate and verbose so you can see what’s happening.

Nuance Montage Analytics


Greensboro radiology used to have something like this called GRIP but this product blows it out of the water.  Canopy Partners cannot compete with products like this and with these products already developed, the only people that would still be using anything like GRIP would be the ones that developed it.

The training on this was very good, which is an area Nuance typically fails.  This has extensive data mining capabilities which will be covered in another post.

The following is my own personal opinion and should not be taken as fact:

Another advantage to the Nuance product is that you can likely get support, which was only the case with GRIP if you were “practice royalty”.  Regular serfs didn’t have any input on features.   But hey, if you want to work in a two-tier practice where administrators take as much time off as they want and crap on the rank and file rads all day who actually do the work that keeps the practice running, then you have a future at Greensboro Radiology.