Shoulder Meniscoid Plica?

I have seen this many times in the past but it is usually not accompanied by static subluxation of the GH joint.  There is a large fibrous meniscoid lesion in the anterior shoulder that appears to be capsular or synovial based on signal characteristics.


shoulder meniscoid axial

Ax PD FatSat: These images are slowed down on the slices of interest.


Gallery – I apologize for the seizure inducing poly-animation.  Click on a sequence to view individually.

Shoulder plicae are alluded to in some articles:  Superior plica of the shoulder joint: Case reports



Masticator Space Infection

Patient presented with trismus following dental extraction. Tiny masticator space abscesses following a right third maxillary molar extraction. Infectious myositis with asymmetric swelling of the right muscles of mastication. The abscess tunnels dorsal to the anterior aspect of the temporomandibular joint. Good demonstration of spread patterns in the spaces of the face and neck.



Adult Small Bowel Intussusception

Demonstration of adult small bowel intussusception. Typically these are transient and asymptomatic incidental findings on CT. Clinicians can become alarmed at the mention of intussusception however most of them spontaneously resolve and result from vigorous peristalsis rather than a lead point.

This patient however has postoperative changes of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and on prior CT, angulated loops of bowel were present in the location of the intussusception making it very likely that the postoperative adhesions acted as a lead point. Another more unusual finding is the dilation of proximal small bowel indicating obstruction associated with the

Parotid sialadenitis

Demonstration of both the inflammatory changes of the right parotid gland and the anatomy of the vessels and ducts associated with the parotid gland.


In this animation, I have paused the animation to demonstrate the parotid papilla, parotid duct and the transverse facial artery marked by arrows.

The asymmetric parotid inflammatory change is highlighted by the white boxes, with edema and phlegmon of the right parotid gland with enlarged cervical and parotid lymph nodes which is markedly asymmetric when compared to the left on these coronal reconstructions.