ESP8266 Clock update #2

tmp_24178-IMG_20170509_121818-1718071133.jpgCode here

I have no idea how to properly use github but I wanted to branch this as I toyed with it and tested stability.

This update adds DST correction with a “DST” indicator in the bottom right corner.  I’m not entirely happy with the code implementation.  It felt clunky as I wrote it.  I am happy with the aesthetics of the display though. Running out of room on the display to keep it clean.

Some possible improvements:

  • Add an interval timer to update DST instead of every screen draw, say once a day at 2am?
  • Add EEPROM storage for DST.  This is a little more complicated on the ESP8266 than it is for arduino.
  • Add hardware button time zone selection and display for TZ so the end user can select TZ.

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