Esp8266 Nokia 5110 NTP clock update




Updated code with better graphics.  See gallery below for side by side.  The new library is the u8g2 library that has a lot of fonts but is more complicated to use than the standard Adafruit GFX library.




My biggest coding issue was that for the date, I couldn’t get the weekday to display.  I tried a ton of stuff before realizing that font only had numbers….duh!




    There it is. The only thing I still want to do is a DST change subroutine that stores the bool DST in EEPROM. There is some elegant code here:

    and although it actually adjusts the RTC, I think this can be applied to the results of NTP time at the time of display…at least that’s what I was thinking. Let me know if you have any other ideas.



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