Merlin on Asus RT-66U (from Tomato)

Guide to Moving to Merlin from Tomato for stability testing.

The biggest thing I DONT like is the having to log out of the browser interface every time.  I often flit between PCs making changes.  I know I should sit in one spot, but c’est la vie.

  1. Connect to router and change IP under LAN to your local network addresses.
    1. Under LAN, change device name, ip address, and leave subnet mask. APPLY
    2. change DHCP server addressing block and DNS servers.
  2. Steps to get DDNS up and running with freedns
    1. Turn on SSH Admin -> Systemmerlin_ssh_on
    2. Enable JFFS in the same Admin screen*merlin_jffs_on*If this is the first time it has been turned on, check the “Format JFFS partition at next boot” and reboot.
    3. place the public key in the box on merlin router.
    4. place your private into putty when you open it under the SSH->Auth section.
    5. Connect using putty through SSH (this isn’t really necessary for lan access, but if you want to use SSH over the WAN, it is secure.
  3. Create the startup script.
    1. Since you enabled SSH above, open putty and SSH into the IP address of your router. You can login with admin and your password.
    2. Navigate  to scripts directory by typing:
      cd /jffs/scripts
    3. open nano and create the script document (nano is built in and a lot easier to use than vi.
      nano ddns-start
    4. paste the start script into the nano document (right click pastes in putty)
      wget -q ----- HTTPS -----                                                                                                           
      curl -k "" >/dev/null 2>&1 &
      if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
          /sbin/ddns_custom_updated 1
          /sbin/ddns_custom_updated 0
    5. type ctrl-x to exit nano and answer yes to write out the file.
    6. change permissions using command below:
      chmod a+x /jffs/scripts/ddns-start
    7. go back to DDNS settings and enable the client.merlin_enable_script
    8. Success Message Should appearmerlin_enable_script_successmsg

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