Tomato Shibby Internal Webserver

UPDATE:  Just a heads up that Tomato Shibby is not my preferred solution anymore.  I’m not sure it’s even being developed.  There was a HUGE performance discrepancy between it and Merlin, so I dropped it in favor of speed.


This page still gets a few hits so I thought I’d post a heads up.  You can install a webserver on merlin but it will require some work.



While learning bootstrap3 and developing for, I had the need to internally serve the website so we could look at it on multiple devices to allow for screen size and color variations.

Turns out that Shibby’s Tomato has NGINX internal web server!  Yay.  Setting it up was not terribly difficult but required some tinkering.

  1. Make sure your flash drive is mounted under USB support.
  2. Under file sharing,   you probably want to create a separate mount point for ease of SAMBA access to the directory.  I did and it works well.  I can use Brackets over the network to test changes in the dev environment.
    1. I created a www directory under the root and called it web.  usbwebserver
    2. This directory houses the hosted files.
  3. Enable the webserver and point it to the correct directory.  nginxconfig

I hope this helps someone.  I couldn’t really find a tutorial on it so I fiddled with it until it worked.

The good news is that this is not externally accessible so there is little security threat.

The peculiar thing is the directory did not survive a reboot.  I’m guessing that the router clears out the web server directory on reboot.  Current config here. I’ll see if this survives a reboot.



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