Septic Arthritis

Early erosions can be seen on the axial images with the expected characteristics of septic arthritis in soft tissues.

A notable finding is that much like inflammatory arthritidites, of which septic arthritis can be considered, there is relative protection of cartilage covered bone with erosions occurring in the bare areas.

It’s not my bag baby!

Today’s topic is Peyronie’s disease and penile X-rays – with clinical therapuetic perspective brought to you by UpToDate.

Penile traction therapy — Penile traction therapy, usually in conjunction with medical management, has shown some efficacy with a favorable safety profile in small case studies [58-60]. In a study of 10 men with PD, nine of whom had failed medical therapy, traction for two to eight hours a day for six months led to reduced curvature in all men (10 to 45 degrees), increased stretched flaccid penile length (0.5 to 2.0 cm), and increased erect girth (0.5 to 1.0 cm) [58]. There were no adverse events. Further studies have demonstrated that traction in conjunction with oral agents and injection therapy may improve curvature and stretched penile length to a modest degree, although the data have been mixed [61-64]. Traction may also confer a positive effect on patient outcomes after reconstructive surgery [65].

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